Direct Physical Therapy Testimonials

"I was referred to Direct Physical Therapy because I was having severe knee pain caused from running. The staff are very friendly and were able to quickly schedule an appointment for me. I have been working with Lance over the last couple of months. He performed a complete running assessment to help target what was causing my knee pain. Along with soft tissue work, he helped me improve my running technique. Lance is very professional, answered all my questions and gave me a lot of great running tips. I am so grateful for the help Lance gave me. I am now running without any knee pain and am on track with my marathon training."
- Sarah
"At the age of 78, after having to quit doubles tennis due to a nagging knee problem, I finally found Lance Cooper. I'm now out on the courts again, thanks to him. After several sessions of Active Release Therapy, with his professional attention to the soft tissues and muscles and joints of my left knee, his personal style and support gave me the confidence to return to the fray."
- Donnelly
"With healing and encouragement from the Direct Physical Therapy team (Scott, Lance, and Jennifer), I just completed my first marathon!!! I cannot thank you enough!"
- Lorin
"I was referred to Lance by my chiropractor for some intransigent hip pain. The office staff was friendly and professional and Lance really knows his stuff, is gentle and concerned, and explains everything he is doing. I felt very cared for and in the hands of a competent professional. Lance spent a lot of time with me in each session, working my injured hip and back, and patiently and clearly teaching me exercises. Lo and behold, my pain subsided and I am able to engage in all my activities now pain free. Bonus: Lance is a really bright, warm and funny dude. I not only got palliative care, but got to spend time with a very nice person. I would recommend Lance and the whole Direct Physical Therapy team to anyone needing physical therapy care."
- Art